Thursday, June 26, 2008

Worker Shortages and Voting Yourself a Portion of the Treasury

The number of vacant jobs is falling. The cycle high in Jan 2007 (4,307,000) was lower than the historic high (4,580,000) in Dec 2000.

Consultants have been telling govt officials and private industry that the next few years will see an explosion of impossible to fill jobs. However, as the data shows the number is less now than it was 7.5 years ago.

The great coming worker shortage is slow in getting here.

Why then do we see all this "buzz" about the shortage? Perhaps there is money in it.

One state recently passed a bill giving a tax credit to firms hiring occupations where workers are seen to be in short supply. Think about that. The firms say that want to hire more workers and can't find them so the govt gives the firms a tax credit to do what they say that want to do anyway. Perhaps the firms have figured out that they can vote themselves a portion of state revenue by yelling about coming shortage.


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Joe Hussung said...

I think that the Triennial convention didn't change the rule but stopped voting for the slave owners. I could be wrong but I think that is how it went down. Because the convention was held in Philadelphia it was difficult for the Southern Baptists to get to the annual convention and vote for their nominees so the Northern Baptist held a majority vote. I think that they simply stopped voting for slave owners. Again, I could be wrong but I think that is how it happened.

In Christ
Joe Hussung