Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Been away from this way too long. Hope to write some new stuff soon! DD

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Pastor does good!

I often joke with my pastor that if he wants to have good (read this safe) deacon's meetings he needs to quote Spurgeon often in his sermons. Doing so will make me a very satisfied sermon listener. :)

I gotta say that he did great yesterday without mentioning the Prince of Preachers at all. He read a paragraph from Dr. MLJ on true joy in the morning when he preached in I John and mentioned a You Tubed sermon of Piper.

One of his key points last night was about how not verbally sharing the gospel was a grievous sin. Conviction.

May the Lord continue to bless my pastor with the courage to preach the whole Bible.


New Links

I have added two new links to the blog. Moore to the Point and For His Renown. I just found these two blogs and think they are pretty cool.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Worker Shortage News

One state workforce investment board just completed a draft annual report. In it they declared that the media has been spending too much time covering such events as increasing unemployment rates and large layoffs instead of the really important story of the ongoing worker shortage!

Also in the report they said that this particular state faced a massive shortage of college educated professionals. However, after a little bit of investigation it was learned this shortage only existed if you compared all expected job openings with the expected number of grads from just three of the state's largest universities. Left out were all of the state's regional colleges and smaller liberal arts schools. Together these likely produce just as many grads as do the three they included.

They also left out the community colleges as well while almost a fourth of the job openings only required a two-year degree.


Pay Caps?

Should the Obama administration put exec pay caps on firms who took taxpayer money to say afloat?


I am pretty conservative in my politics and economics. I think the owners of a company should be able to pay their manages anything they want. Right now however, the taxpayers are in effect the owners. So the exec pay should collapse down to public sector level.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Jolts Data

Job Openings continue to slide. Nearly at all time low for the time series.
Wonder how the WIA consultants explain this decline in job openings given their silly labor shortage ideas?
Any comments, Ed?

Big Surprises in State Employment Coming?

Hearing rumors that the BLS may be putting new review procedures in place regarding state employment numbers. This change could cause some states to see large downward revisions in employment for Nov and Dec. Could also cause these same states to see unemployment rate increases.