Friday, April 18, 2008

Lifting Up the Name of the Lord during a Recession

It is getting harder out there. Both unemployment and prices are increasing at pretty fast paces (inflation will likely cool as the economy does - but so far has not) and no doubt there is concern among many in our churches about how they will make ends meet.

The needs of our brothers and sisters give us all opportunities to lift up the name of our Savior. Please be on the look out for folks in your church who might be in need during this time of economic decline.

Some may stop attending church (Job loss can be very defeating to a person. An unemployed person may just stop attending the regular worship of the church because of the resulting shame. Several years ago when I lost a job I did not want to go to church because of the shame I felt. That type of feeling may originate from excess pride but it does occur) or have financial needs that might not be seen on the surface.

When we as believers reach out and help our hurting siblings we honor our Lord. Lets not miss a chance to do that. That is our chief end afterall.


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